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Welcome to my nightmare

I'm blathering JUST for YOU

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Another multifaceted geek, trashed by a broken school system, pursuing too many interests, having fun.

Note: it's okay to friend me without asking, I don't mind (I'm actually flattered). Introducing yourself is
a nice idea because I may well not ever figure out who you are otherwise, even if I know you well in
"real life" (this happens).

alternative sexuality, arbor day, art, artistic nude, baitcon, band names, bellies, big stompy boots, body paint, bodypainting, books, brutal honesty, carnivorous plants, cats, christmas, classic rock, clothing optional, cons, cookies, correct apostrophe use, coupling, cuddling, dabo awaze, diaboly, electronics, erotica, ethiopian food, family guy, fireworks, flirting, friends, friendship, futurama, garlic, geeks, geeky stuff, girls with glasses, goofy sex, hal sparks, halloween, halo and sprocket, ham radio, hansei, honesty, hot tubs, hugging, hugs, indian food, infrared photography, invader zim, janeane garofalo, junkyard wars, katamari damacy, kenny everett, kingdom hearts, kisses, kissing, laserdiscs, light bulbs, linguistics, lips, ljmaps_dglenn, love, loving more, macintosh, making out, maple syrup, meganekko, microphotography, monster rancher, movies, music, nakedness, necking, neon, nixie tubes, nudity, ollieburgers, papercraft, passion, peter paige, petting, photography, pinball, pleasure, polyamory, pretty lights, propulsion, pyrotechnics, queer as folk, rare books, reading, red bank, redheads, romance, scallion pancakes, science, science fiction, science fiction conventions, scrapheap challenge, secret life of machines, sensuality, sexuality, siamese cats, silliness, skinny dipping, snogging, snuggling, spicy food, stuff, swimming, thai food, thunderstorms, tivo, touching, toys, turbines, ultraviolet photography, vacuum tubes, waffles, water, you, your boyfriend, ♡ > 0

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