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ganked from tolkienkookad

tolkienkookad "explains": Yeah, I'm doing this meme thing. GANKED FROM ROKO-FACE

There are 30 questions. To find out the questions, you have to do the meme too. I'm just giving the answers.

Hokay then. So I have to do the meme without the benefit of knowing the questions to find out the questions?

Um, here … goes?

  1. orkney
  2. blueeowyn
  3. ayesha. I've never actually talked to her, though.
  4. nosebeepbear
  5. Eehee, tolkienkookad!
  6. red_lynx, dancingdeer, and leiacat.
  7. gore_whore_5 and sihaya09
  8. tolkienkookad
  9. ginevra007
  10. I have a filter for that, you see
  11. fizzygeek (and jasra)
  12. golemkennels
  13. xxarcadia, I guess. I suppose I'll find out.
  14. wordwelder, natch!
  15. wispfox
  16. nymphie, I suppose. I dunno.
  17. dmk
  18. noonthirtyfive. Golly!
  19. tanseytoes, alas.
  20. j_luc_pitard
  21. theweeweeman? mister_huggles? I'm lost.
  22. sabrinamatthews, I suppose. Hard to say.
  23. awfulgreenthing?
  24. amyntas *giggle*
  25. beaq!
  26. missionista. I even named the fancy computer after her.
  27. skitten
  28. happypete and netpositive
  29. muzikmaker21 because he would totally solder two trombones together if I wrote counterpoint for linked trombone duet.
  30. Looking for a dénouement? All will be revealed, but like in a Pinter play, that won't help you (or me) at all
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