Spam (madbodger) wrote,

New job!

Well, I've accepted a new job offer, from Vivísimo (AKA Clusty), a search engine firm. I'll be saying goodbye to FGM after over 9 years, but it's time for me to move on. I'll be moving from a services company to a products company, which should be interesting, and I'll be a jack of all trades, doing development, demos, customization, sales support, integration, whatever needs doing. They're based in Pittsburgh, but I'll be staying in the DC area, as they're growing their DC operations. I'll be working at home some, and at various sites around here. It seems like quite a cool outfit. When I went out to the corporate headquarters, their space reminded me of a cross between Google and the South Park animation studios. I've really liked all the people I've met, and they're really smart, on the ball people. The head of the company interviewed me on the roof, how cool is that? After some of his problem-solving interview questions, he said my ability to set up and do math in my head and get real numbers quickly, and my knowledge of physics were quite solid, but my grasp of geography is not so firm (I'd have to agree). They had pictures of one of their employees getting married on a mountaintop, there were a variety of different kinds of computers in evidence. I've worked with their product and quite like it, both from a configuration standpoint and as a user. Should be an interesting shift.
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