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Junior Brown concert

Junior Brown was coming to town, so fizzygeek and I decided to go see him again. We'd been planning on going with a friend I used to work with (but he couldn't go this time) and another friend who ended up having another engagement. But at the last minute, selki called, asking if we still had an extra ticket. It worked out really nicely, as it was a late show, we could get there in plenty of time, even though fizzygeek works Saturdays.

It was a good show all told, even though it got off to a somewhat slow start. My guess is that when Junior is in an off mood, he just gets to guitar noodling until he feels better. In any case, there was quite a lot of guitar noodling (which I quite enjoyed), and he certainly perked up as the evening progressed. The sound mix wasn't very good (way too much treble, made it hurt to listen to the high notes when he got going), but we all had a good time.


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