Spam (madbodger) wrote,

I passed my IQ test!

Yeah, I know, IQ tests aren't generally regarded as pass/fail. I found one on a website that looked fun, and ran through it. Pretty standard stuff, lots of math, spatial reasoning, sequences, and the dreaded analogies†. No big deal, and I'm good at finding "bypasses".

But then it insisted I join one of those scams where you have to participate in a (frequently unstated or misrepresented) number of "offers" in order to win a "free" laptop, iPod, or (in this case) the score.

I closed the browser window.

I've seen a variety of come-ons to those kinds of things, but this was a new one to me. I suspect it nabs a lot of people, because once they've invested time in taking the test (looks like the generic emode one, BTW), they want some return, and their curiosity is piqued. However, while curiosity is a powerful motivator for me, it was easily balanced by my enormous inherent skepticism (online IQ tests are no bastions of reliability), the fact that I already have a good idea of my IQ, I don't have any particular need to have my intelligence externally validated*, and I have a fairly low opinion of IQ scores as a metric of useful intelligence, anyway.

† These and the "which one is not like the others" questions can be an exercise in mind-reading for creative types.
* My ego is self-supporting.

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