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Well, that was weird.

It started small. I noticed a dead ladybug on the vanity. I probably should have disposed of it, but I felt bad for it. I'm a big softie. I looked at it every day, a little sadly. One day, I noticed that it had moved. No big deal, probably I bumped it, or one of the cats did or somesuch. The next day, it was standing. Granted, this doesn't look a lot different, but it was off the ground. I figured maybe the muscles were contracting as they dried or some such.

Then it disappeared. But I found it (or another one) nearby a couple of days later. Intrigued, I had a closer look. And ... it was moving.

Must be a different one. I don't think of myself as a racist, but a lot of ladybugs look alike to me.

A while later, I was driving home late at night and heard a buzzing in the car when I was nearly home. Afraid it was a stinging insect, I drove home quickly and ran out of the car. The next day, I found a beautiful but very dead dragonfly upside down on my dash. I felt really bad about that, as I was directly responsible for its passing. I sniffled a bit, then gingerly put it on a bush.

When I came home, it was still there, it had fallen a little but I could see it in the half-light. I waved at it unhappily, and it kicked a bit. As I watched, astonished, it climbed back out of the bush and flew off into the night!

Obviously, I had misjudged something, but it shook me up.

A few days later, I arrived home to find the triumphant cat crowing about a dead baby snake. I felt horrible for the poor little snake, which never had a chance. It was lying there with its tongue lolling out, looking as pathetic as something could look. I gingerly took it outside, to lay it to rest in the little copse of trees out back. I put it down, and it slithered away! Must have just been stunned.

Then I heard rustling in the leaves. I figured I had disturbed something, but then realized I had disturbed several somethings. I ran off, fearing a passel of vindictive snakes, and looked back from near the house. I caught twin glows reflected from the streetlight behind me. They were bobbing and approaching me. I didn't know what it was, and was plenty worried when it greeted me "mrow?". Then, sidling up to me, I recognized the cat I had buried years before.

Then I heard a shriek from inside the house. fizzygeek came out, obviously overwhelmed, holding something in her arms.

"What?", I asked, terrified and hopeful at the same time, every nerve on edge.

"Have a look," she answered, her eyes shining.

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