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Unclear on the concept

Folks might remember a while back when the oil furnace started leaking carbon monoxide and had to be replaced. I did the usual shopping around, which left me on some heater suppliers' email lists. I did eventually buy a heater and get it installed, earlier this year. But, ever-hopeful, one vendor elected to send me email containing a new quote. It contained a link to click on to actually view the quote. The link yielded a popup reading
Your quote includes products whose prices have changed. Your quote has been updated to reflect these changes.

$1,579.99 on sale for $1,697.99!

So, you've gone to the trouble to inform me, a year later, that my original price of $1,579.99 has been superseded by a "ON SALE!" price of $1,697.99? Be still, my trembling heart!

Tags: heater, sale, stupidity

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