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Customer service done right!

Back when I first got into infrared and ultraviolet photography, I noticed that some people recommended Bibble for adjusting the odd colour casts and other useful tricks. I played with the demo software and ended up buying a copy. Apparently, this is a common use for Bibble software.

Then, more recently, gravitrue mentioned that Fuji had offered their S3 Pro with UV and IR enabled at the factory. I managed to get one at a decent price and get back in to the hobby, with much improved filters (I'm using the Baader Venus filter, which is a complicated interference filter built on filter glass, designed for astrophotography, but much superior to the simple glass filter I'd been using previously).

So I decided to install Bibble on my current computer, but I couldn't find the registration code. I went through all my usual places, with no luck. Finally, I went to the Bibble web site to see if I could look up my order. The site offered an option to log on, but I didn't have the info, even if I had created an account there. The instructions said that if I needed to recover a password, fill in the "create an account" form, which included a field for my registration code. That wasn't helpful. And it was a holiday, so calling them would probably involve waiting until the next business day.

Then I noticed the text reading "if you have a prior registration code". Maybe it wasn't required! I filled in the rest of the information (email address, billing zip), and their server looked me up and verified that I'd bought the product and offered me the registration code! In real time, on a holiday! Now, that's customer service I can respect! Not only that, but they offered me a $0 upgrade to the most current version of their software. Naturally, I accepted that offer, downloaded the software, and received the registration code immediately.

I am fully satisfied with the software (it does many useful things, and complements Photoshop nicely), and the company and their customer service. Sadly, this sort of thing is the exception rather than the rule, which is why I'm praising them in public (I've recommended this software to several of you already in private).

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