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Gale dinner foo

Today, I had to go down to where happypete works to pick up a badge, and was thinking of having lunch with him. But he didn't answer his phone, so after I picked up my badge, I was on my own for lunch. I headed down the road to an Indian buffet I liked, but it wasn't there any more, replaced by an Indian music and video rental joint. So I continued down the road to Tysons Corner, not entirely sure why, other than a vague idea of trying out a Thai restaurant at the mall. It turns out the Thai restaurant had an outdoor entrance, so I was planning on cutting through one of the anchor stores to get there. On my way, I heard someone calling my name! I looked over, and there was gale_storm!

I had planned to catch up with her in Austin, but schedules didn't mesh, and when I heard from her (via LJ-SMS), I was already in San Diego. I had planned to call her tonight and see if we could get together for dinner, but poof! There she was!

So we put our heads together and decided to have a foo while she's in the country. We opted for Cheng's Oriental in Sterling. It's at the shopping center with the Borders and the Regal cinema. We're aiming for tomorrow (Tuesday the 20th) at 7PM, to give people time to get there after work. Come bask in the glory that is gale_storm!

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