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Beginning of Summer party

Last weekend, I flew up to Boston for sunspiral and roozle's Beginning of Summer party. It got off to a bit of a weak start when my flight was cancelled (pilot's legality ran out, and they didn't have a backup). Passengers were directed to go to the United customer service desk at gate D5 to get rebooked. I knew there would be a crowd of people vying for a limited number of seats, so I went the other way down the concourse to a different customer service desk. There was a long line already there too, which I immediately bypassed for the self service terminals next to it. I keyed in my confirmation number and was informed that the standby list for the 9:20 flight was full, but I could get on the list for the 11:10 flight. I did so, figuring that I'd lock in that option while I explored other options, and it put me on standby for the 9:20 flight after all. Calling United yielded nothing (their automated attendant hung up on me). I tried using wifi to check additional flight options, but Dulles is a flyspeck podunk airport without free wireless. So I went to the departures display and found Jetblue had a flight going my way. So I hopped a shuttle to the Jetblue concourse, but they were full up. I also called Travelocity, but they couldn't find anything from IAD, DCA, or BWI to BOS, MHT or PVD before 4:45 the next day. As it happens, I did eventually get on the next flight, which ended up leaving Dulles at 10:30PM. I was met at the airport by jasra, who let me crash in her spare room and gave me a ride to the party the next day. We went early, to do some pre-party shopping and help out cintyber, who was co-ordinating party prep.

The party itself was a total blast, and gobs of cool people showed up. The weather was perfect, a sunny morning to warm up the pool and a cool afternoon so people could spread out all over the house and yard. I got to see, meet, chat, and flirt with hordes of great people, eat good food, play in the pool, watch firespinning, and take gobs of pictures in both visible light and IR. When it got late enough that the hosts were starting to worry about the noise bothering the neighbors, a fortuitous rainstorm chased us all inside. Shortly afterward, I left with deguspice and quietann, who had offered me crash space for the night.

The next day, I got to play with the rats (including 28 new babies!) and cats living there, then we headed back to roozle and sunspiral's for brunch. We had a nice time hanging out, and participating in the "figure out who all was at the party" ritual, which led to poring through photographs looking for crowd shots where we could identify people. Eventually, it was time to drive me back to the airport, and I flew back to Virginia, and after the usual delays getting out the airport, got back about the time fizzygeek was getting out of work, so we got to have a nice late dinner together.

The geekery got off early when we found a bee-like creature hanging out on the picnic table, and Lindsay (sp?) bravely elected to pet it:

petting robber fly

People were divided on opinions on whether it was an actual bee (order Hymenoptera) or a bee fly (order Diptera). A little research after the fact made me discard bees and bee flies as culprits, along with hover flies, and finally decide it was probably a robber fly.

There were many interesting things to see at the party, including porcelaincat finding a nice perch:


A bevy of black-clad beauties posing (along with a crazed trowa_barton:


The enchanting plaidsheep also posing in her trademark style:


And some other colourful people:

images in chequered purple and blue

People demonstrating feats of physicality:


And, of course, people taking and looking at pictures:

And, of course, some obligatory firespinning pictures (many taken at 1000µm infrared, thanks to gravitrue's letting me know that Fuji offered a UV and IR enabled DSLR, hence the odd colouration):

X marks the spot whoosh! side by side Gabe by IR Gabe in colour flames around legs waterchilde

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