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Well, this weekend's trip to NC fell through. I did not account for how early the DC rush hour gets underway, and got to the airport 4 minutes late (for the recommended 90 minute ahead arrival recommended for domestic flights). Then I went to wait for a parking shuttle. I waited and waited, as people accumulated at the stop. Finally, after about 25 minutes, the shuttle turned up, fairly full already. Due to the fullness, it took about 5 minutes to get the dozen or so people and their luggage loaded. Repeat for the next three stops, with exponentially increasing load times.

Then, when we finally got to the terminal, it took 10 minutes to unload at the first stop, as people had to very slowly unload their luggage from the exit stairs while other people attempted to haul their own luggage past.

Then, in the airport, there was a huge long line for ticketing. I had considered doing an online checkin, but figured that since I was checking baggage, this wouldn't work. If I had, it would have saved me, the line for checking baggage for already checked in people was only 15 minutes or so.

By the time I got to the checkin machine (apparently every single other person travelling that day was from a stratum of society that had never before seen computers, video screens, credit cards, or illuminated signs), it was too late to check baggage. The machine automatically checked upcoming flights but they were all full, so it dumped me out, not even giving me an option to try to fly with it as carry-on (granted, it probably wouldn't have worked, as I would have had a delay in security ferreting out any gels or liquids that were too large).

So here I am, at home, NOT getting to see ymasen, dmk, whc, marq, golemkennels, or maybe eridan or hyrkanian.

So, what's going on this weekend? Anyone wanna hang out? Maybe I can catch up with leiacat and/or muzikmaker21 for the Kinetic Art parade, if I wake up early enough. There's also an Art in the Alley thing going on her in Purse of Evil. I looked at last minute fares to MHT/BOS, on the advice of a couple of people (being that I'm already packed and all), but they're pretty brutal, except for one BWI-MHT flight, but that would require dealing with BWI and getting transport from MHT (which isn't on the T, last I checked).

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