Spam (madbodger) wrote,

Weird Al!

fizzygeek found out she was free last night, so I got her a ticket to the Weird Al concert too. She rode in to work with me, and toured Artomatic while I worked, then we headed up to Baltimore. We waved at kdsorceress's place on the way by. We looked for cool tee shirts, but none of them really grabbed us. The concert was a blast! We kept an eye out for blackanvil, but didn't see him (found out later work issues kept him from attending, but he was able to get his ticket to someone else). Much Al goodness. A ridiculous number of costume changes. The set list was heavy on the new stuff, but he did do a long wild medley that featured snippets of a bunch of his classic tracks.

We both had the same bright idea that kdsorceress should tour with Al, as a cheerleader backup for Smells Like Nirvana. She'd be better than the ones that were on stage.

Trying to drive through DC during rush hour was a mistake.

When we got home, we had to shower off the tobacco smoke smell so we could sleep. I'm thinking of writing a letter to Rams Head suggesting that the all-ages shows be smoke free ("Think of the CHILDREN!").


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