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catching up - Lunacon

Since I had finished up the network move on Friday, I was free to go to Lunacon for the rest of the weekend. My sweetie said I was welcome to go, if only I picked up some Zitner's Creme Eggs when I went through Philly (they're only available in that area, around Easter). I was also hoping to offer a ride to a friend who wanted to go and also couldn't leave on Friday. So I got on AIM and looked around, and nosebeepbear popped up. I mentioned to her that I was trying to summon up the energy for a long drive and she correctly guessed that I was considering going to Lunacon. It turns out people also wanted her to go, but she thought it was silly to head up a day late. So we decided to go together. I drove to her house, and then we went to the con in her car. Basically I got to have a nice long chat with a good friend, and then I was at a con!

It was a real laid-back, low-energy con, which worked out great for me, as I was mostly going to see some friends I rarely get to see. That way, I had plenty of time to kick back and have some lovely conversation and cuddling. I also got to haunt the hotel some, as this is the last year at the Escher Hilton. Unfortunately, I didn't get to swim or steep in the hot tub, as my thinking that the duffel with the towel would have swimwear wasn't substantiated by the facts.

It was a cheap weekend too, as I basically got free transportation there and back (I did insist on at least buying gas), registration was closed by the time we got there Saturday evening, and another friend let me crash in his hotel room for free (I also got to have a good time catching up with him). I also got to explore another friend's mutual interest in ham radio, flirt with a bunch of folks, have a nice dinner (I think the waiter liked me, as he snagged me free rolls and cake).

The ride back was pleasant as well, we both had had a good con and had fun telling each other about it.


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