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catching up - Friday

Our company moved to new digs in Reston Town Center over the weekend. On Friday, I volunteered to help netops move, so we'd have network, email, and all that good stuff ready to go on Monday. As I'm not one of the regular crew, I basically expected to just carry stuff around. Sure enough, that's what I did. I broke down shelving units, carried stuff to the truck, carried stuff from the truck, and put together shelving units. I wanted to be efficient, so I'd just grab a hunk of something and walk off with it. The other guys (big strong guys) mostly carried stuff in pairs, with a guy at each end. They commented that I must be showing off or somesuch, but I replied that there was no reason for me to do so, as I wasn't trying to pick up any of them.

In any case, we got so much done on Friday that they didn't need me for the rest of the weekend, freeing me up to go to Lunacon!

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