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Saturday was fun, I went to werewulf's video night and got to see a bunch of fun people, enjoy some fine cuddling, and meet the legendary artemisfowl2nd (I did shake hands, and I did escape). The first movie (Song of the South) hasn't been released for home video, as some would consider it racist, so it was watched in some compressed format which doesn't include captioning. The compression really wrecked the audio (why do they compress the audio so hard, when it's just a small fraction of the total bandwidth???), and, with no captions, it was really hard to understand. That, and someone sleeping upstairs, led to frequent (but reasonable) requests to keep the noise down (thing is, we're a loud crowd, and tend to escalate w/o thinking).

I had assumed everybody already knew Weird Al was playing Rams Head Live (in Baltimore) on May 8†, but it turns out this is news to everybody. And it's an all-ages show! Looks like $40 bleacher tix are all gone, though. I found out about it because I use iConcertCal, which lets you see upcoming concerts in your area, based on what you listen to in iTunes.

On Sunday, I amused myself by dinking with electronics. I ended up reverse engineering a little power converter from Electronic Goldmine when I realized it was probably a vacuum fluorescent display driver. Sure enough, it appears to be. It certainly lights up some surplus displays I have nicely. Good workout for my component analyzer, but I had to haul out the curve tracer to positively identify the zener diode.

On Monday, we again visited Fast Eddie*, and took him out to Tortilla Factory for the seafood tacos he wanted. The variety he was after wasn't on the menu, but they made it up for him and he really enjoyed it. He's looking visibly worse than when we saw him a few days before, and wore out even faster (but he sure seemed to have a good time). We got to meet his lovely wife and see scruffycritter too.

Then we went shopping and chatted, and fizzygeek declared that no more friends or relatives were allowed to get very sick or die this year. I had a brief flash of relief, as I was unaccountably worried about her granddad, who's nearly 100. We headed home, whereupon the day went from good-but-sad to utterly horrible. I'm not gonna detail what went on as it might ruin peoples' days, but while dealing with the horrible part, more horrible things happened.

The next day, there was still some aftermath to yesterday's unpleasant events. After fizzygeek had headed off to class and work, I got a phone call from a different Eddie, the fellow who takes care of her granddad. It seems my relief had been misplaced. He'd fallen a few weeks ago, tearing a hernia, and had stopped eating. Now he's in the hospital, and they're trying to put enough weight on him that he might survive the surgery.

† Rams Head made it tricky to get the link for the concert, as the link on their page is a Javascript, and the page it opens doesn't hve the address bar. But I'm using Safari, so a simple ⌘-| brought it up so I could copy it. Silly of them to make it hard to promote their shows!

* Anyone know why he's called Fast Eddie? noonthirtyfive asked me if it's after a character in Spider Robinson's wonderful Callahans novels, and I realized I didn't know, even though I've known the guy approximately forever! I'll bet there's a story there.


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