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Thursday was a day for visiting. fizzygeek had the day off, and I took the day off, so we could go have lunch with Fast Eddie (who's dying of stomach cancer, alas). The original plan had been to go to Obi Sushi, which is where he'd gone with louiseroho and scruffycritter the previous week, but when we showed up, he had a jones for Chipotle, so we went there instead. He actually ate a good chunk of food, which was good to see. We had a nice chat and looked at old pictures of folks we knew, but eventually it was nap time, so we headed off. He had mentioned that he'd really like to have a fish taco at some point, and a little research revealed that both Tortilla Factory and Anita's have fish tacos, so we're thinking of getting together with him on Monday to do so (if it works out). Anyone wanna come with?

Then we swung by work for a bit, then hit the bookstore. I had been thinking of buying a new DSLR, so I was thumbing through the photo magazines. I've had a tonne of fun with the Fuji Finepix S1 Pro I had bought used from draakken a while back, but had heard that the S3 was the end of that line, so I was looking at Nikons (my existing lenses are all Nikon F mount, and, as the Fuji is built into a Nikon body, it also takes those lenses). But the photo mags showed the new Finepix S5 Pro, which looks like a nice beast indeed. The Nikons (of course) have really good specs, but the Fuji's dual-sensitivity sensor gives a lot more dynamic range than most digital sensors, which can be quite useful. Coming from film backgrounds, we both are used to having lots of dynamic range to play with, and losing detail in highlights and shadows has been an issue with digicams for both of us. I playfully said "perhaps I should just follow nosebeepbear's advice and embrace the power of `and'!" fizzygeek answered "Okay." I boggled a bit, and replied "You realize you just okayed dropping over 4 grand* on digicams?" She grinned and said "Yep." Hmmmm. A D200 would be a logical match for the S5, as the S5 is, in fact, built into a D200 body. Again, hmmmm.

Then we got a call from whc and dmk, who were passing through on their way to dhs's. I had thought Supper Club would be a nice place to eat, and they were amenable. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember how the exit was marked, so I gave my best guess and they said they'd call back if they got off track. fizzygeek and I went down to the shopping center, but there weren't any signs on the way giving the actual route number. We figured it was rush hour, and it would take them a while to make their way up the troll road, so we went poking around. That shopping center now consists almost entirely of restaurants, it seems. Then we figured it had been a reasonable amount of time, so we'd go get a table and wait for them. We walked over, and they were already sitting at a table! We had a lovely dinner and conversation (whc enjoyed it, even though Indian food isn't normally his thing), and time flew by. We sent them on their merry way, delayed but fed.

* That was just a guess on my part, but, it turns out, accurate. The D-200 is $2150, the S5 is $2000. There's a matching underwater housing available for the D-200, that, by itself, costs over $4000.


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