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An explanation

My bizarro annoying post yesterday was an illustration of what I don't like about link posting. I'm seeing more and more link postings with no details as to what the link points to. Sometimes the link brings up sound with no warning (not good if I'm at work or in a room with someone who's trying to sleep or study). Sometimes a link will bring up something I truly did not want to see. Many times, it will just be something I don't care about ("I figured everyone who'd seen Pauly Shore's 1984 presentation on precolumbian hermeneutics would get a kick out of it!"). And, of course, some links are just plain broken or won't work in a particular network or computer, and it's tough to decide whether to pursue them.

So I composed an example post with no info other than a couple of (completely random) juicy user names, and a really strange (but intriguing looking) URL backed with yet another broken URL by way of illustration.


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