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For those with kids with persistent ear issues

Check out the EarCheck Middle Ear Monitor ($15 with free shipping from

Amusing juxtaposition on eBay

head over shoulders

(I was searching for AR-9 argon bulbs at the time, if you're curious)

I get a lot of junk mail in Russian* (for some reason)

I discard most of it unread.

Stuff like:

From: Дятлов
Subject: реклама в поисковых системах

Subject: Fwd[3]: ликвидация фирм с долгами

From: Александр
Subject: Your item shipped.

I discarded the first two because of various combinations of: unlikely name, name in all caps, stupid subject line, bogus-looking address/routing, images in message, HTML message (most legitimate email I get doesn't have any inline images, so inline images are regarded as a junk flag. Ditto HTML messages. Hint: if you want me to ever see your email, avoid inline images and HTML).

I almost discarded the third one, but I had just bought some stuff (ex Russian military electronic parts) from a fellow named Alexander who lives in the Ukraine. And the Subject: line in English stood out some too, even though it looks a lot like the usual UBE trying to look like something I'd want to read. Sure enough, it was in reference to that.

* I've also started getting junk email in Hebrew, and, after one of my vendors in Argentina got a virus that gave his email address list to junk emailers, a spate of UBE in Portuguese. Not many Asian scripts yet (even though a lot of it originates from Asia), but I'm sure it'll happen someday. 


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