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Stop (motion)!

As many of you have noticed, I'm interested in different forms of photography (high speed, microphotography, infrared, pinhole, etc.). One I've considered exploring for a while is stop motion. I was reminded of this when I was importing a large photo library into a new computer, and the display of successive frames appeared (to both me and fizzygeek) like an actual motion picture. Thus primed, when I was at the Apple store picking up a case for the new laptop, I noticed they had Boinx iStopMotion for sale. I knew of this sofware, and had seen some really good stuff done with it by kids, but figured it would be out of my price range.

My first experiment was to stitch together a bunch of stills I had taken a couple of years ago of a hummingbird in my camera's high-speed mode. That worked reasonably well, but the originals weren't very clear, so neither was the resulting clip (which only runs a couple of seconds).

Then I figured I'd try just setting up a camera on a tripod, and using an intervalometer to take a frame every 30 seconds. That worked pretty well, so I added some titles and a soundtrack. Here's the shrunk/compressed version (475kB):

Then it snowed, so I decided to try filming the snow melting, at 60 seconds/frame. The snow wasn't melting very fast, but there are some good sun shadows (235kB):

All well and good, but how about actually filming something, instead of just pointing the camera out a window? I decided to film Sammy the cat napping, and again edited in SFX (443kB):

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 5000

Intervalometer: Harbortronics DigiSnap 2000

Frame assembly: Boinx iStopMotion

Titling, SFX, compression & hinting: Apple iMovie HD


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