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Water heater cha-cha

Yesterday morning, the hot water got less and less hot as I was taking my shower, and when it got too cold to stand, I decided I was done. When I got out, I let fizzygeek know the hot water had an issue. It acted just like I'd expect it to when our LPG tank is running out, but it had been filled the previous day. We tried the stove, and it lit, so there was at least some gas. We tried the water heater and it lit too, but the flame seemed small and the water coming out of it was barely warm.

I had to go to work, so I left her to deal with it. She called the gas company, and they sent someone by who observed that the new regulator the last person installed was installed wrong, so a vent was pointing up and could collect rainwater, which could then freeze. And sure enough, it had rained and then frozen.

But the water heater still displayed a lack of enthusiasm, so we also changed the pair of D cells that power the control unit and ignitor and I cranked up the heat to max (I generally do this every year when the cold weather comes, but we hadn't had any real cold yet).

This morning, my shower felt nice and toasty and I intentionally dawdled to see if it would stay hot, and it did. So I'm hoping it's all well and good now.

Tomorrow, the contractor comes to replace our oil furnace...


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