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Well, after weeks of time, 5 truck rolls, and innumerable phone calls, I finally have the CableCards working. The trick involved getting a contractor tech who knew which dispatcher (Edie) knew how to actually properly initialize the cards. Now we have high def and have been having much fun watching the random stream of movies available (Arthur, Close Encounters).

We also have fizzygeek's Sirius satellite radio service working again. The original radio (a Sportster 4) totally died after a couple of months, so she called for a replacement. None were available, and Sirius would repeatedly say her account was in arrears, even though it was frozen until a replacement radio arrived. One finally arrived, but lived only 2 minutes before losing the ability to see its antenna. A third radio was finally shipped, and actually works. Happily, with all the credits and free stuff she got as apologies, the next 6 month's worth of service only cost her a few dollars.

I have been having fun playing with Legos Mindstorms and am writing control software for a Bitscope 40MS/s USB oscillocope and burning up all of my free time commuting.

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