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I got an invitation from my friend sionnagh to come visit her in Oahu, and attend some island style Hallowe'en parties. Sounded like a fun idea, and my boss had just hit me with a "tell me all your vacation plans for the rest of the year NOW" email. So I blocked out some time and started hunting for airline tickets. I dithered a bit, which made the good tickets disappear. So I was left with a) fly out of airport I don't like, b) leave at absurd hours, c) pay lots of money, d) fly creaky old airplanes, or e) take a flight with lots of connections and layovers and wildly inefficient routing (pick two). I went with a) and b), meaning I had to fly out of Friendship airport (AKA BWI AKA Thurgood Marshall) at dawn.

Luckily, muzikmaker21 offered me crash space, so I didn't have to get up quite so early.

Then, the troubles started.Collapse )


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