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I got an invitation from my friend sionnagh to come visit her in Oahu, and attend some island style Hallowe'en parties. Sounded like a fun idea, and my boss had just hit me with a "tell me all your vacation plans for the rest of the year NOW" email. So I blocked out some time and started hunting for airline tickets. I dithered a bit, which made the good tickets disappear. So I was left with a) fly out of airport I don't like, b) leave at absurd hours, c) pay lots of money, d) fly creaky old airplanes, or e) take a flight with lots of connections and layovers and wildly inefficient routing (pick two). I went with a) and b), meaning I had to fly out of Friendship airport (AKA BWI AKA Thurgood Marshall) at dawn.

Luckily, muzikmaker21 offered me crash space, so I didn't have to get up quite so early.

Then the troubles started. First, fizzygeek hacked up her fingers with some electric hedgeclippers, requiring a trip to the emergency room and stitches. The various sequelae made all the getting ready for the trip a last minute affair, causing me to forget my heart medication, among other silly things.

I tagged along with muzikmaker21 for pumpkin carving at ednoria and kugelblitz's, finding a bunch of people there, including lonebear, giraffeaholic, whimmydiddle, shadowcaptain, and j_luc_pitard. Most of them had elaborate plans and designs, where I just sketched a silly face and cut it out. I also added a barbed tail, just because. A few people took pictures, but I haven't found any of mine yet.

The next morning, muzikmaker21 gave me a ride to the plane, so I didn't have to deal with parking or anything. Sitting on the plane, just before I turned off my cell phone, it rang. It was fizzygeek, reporting that the carbon monoxide alarm at our house was going off. I suggested turning off the heater and opening the windows, but she'd already done those.

I tried to call back via Verizon's airphone when we were in the air, but of course, it didn't work (Verizon generally doesn't). So I called from LAX, and found out that the heater people had come by, checked out and adjusted some stuff, and the alarm didn't seem to go off any more.

I had a blast in Hawai'i, we went directly from the airport to go swimming. The weather and company were wonderful. I got to meet sionnagh's new sweetie and several of her other friends. I had a good time at her Hallowe'en party, where she dressed as a most appealing devil. After some juggling, I managed to get my prescription filled. When I went to the pharmacy to pick it up, in my (store bought, as I had no time to make a real costume this year) pirate outfit, the cashier asked if I was going to the costume party in Waikiki. No, I was going to another costume party, a fundraiser. Several other people asked the same thing, so I'm guessing the bash in Waikiki was a major event. The fundraiser was certainly decorative, lots of people in really cool costumes (plenty of pirates, as sionnagh and her sweetie had also changed to pirate garb). However, not a terribly social event, as the band was playing most of the time we were there, and it was too loud for conversation.

A bunch of people told me I should come live on the islands. I asked if this was common, and apparently it isn't, so either I just seem like the sort of person who'd be at home there, or I'm getting some sort of Sign that I should up and move out there.

We took a helicopter tour of the island, which was a whole lot of fun. Got to see waterfalls, the Dole pineapple maze, lots of beaches and resorts, and Pearl Harbor from the air. The fog level was around 900 feet, and so were we, which made for some weird visuals.

More fun news from the house: the pole transformer out front blew up and took out all the power. Luckily, the repair people got there quickly and fixed it.

When we got back to the car, I checked the tyres because they had been making an odd noise. It turned out one was down to the belts, so we went to get more. However, apparently the Honda Insight isn't a particularly common car on Oahu, and no one had the special tyres for it. The fellow at one place insisted I had the size wrong, but they do exist. We finally put the spare on and tried to remember to keep our speed down.

All too soon, it was time to fly back home. After an all night flight, muzikmaker21 picked me up at the airport, but I was too wiped to drive home, so I crashed there again. When I got home again, I rewired the furnace to run the blower whenever the burner was on, kicking down the peak carbon monoxide from 40ppm to 0 until I can get a new furnace installed. fizzygeek got her stitches out and the finger is healing nicely. My sleep schedule is still somewhat rattled, I think I'm ready to head back out to the islands.


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