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Catching up

I haven't been posting much, as my four hour commute has been rather eating my life.

I went up to vist muzikmaker21 and see an outdoor showing of Jurassic Park. It was a little goofy, as dinner was slow, and we missed the beginning of it, and she saw her dad's car in the lot and wondered if he was the projectionist (sure enough, he was). Then bfudlmint called (they had planned to hang out earlier at a street festival), and he joined us for the rest of the film. Afterward, we tried hanging out at Champ's, but it was too loud for conversation, so we ended up at Rocky Run, where we ran into scooterbird who was recovering his wits after helping his sister move. I did make it up to the MS walk in Baltimore and helped out the pirates with the rest stop. It was a fun effort, and I got to see faireraven, who was also helping out. Got to do some dog sitting with at kugelblitz and ednoria's too.

I went to visit orkney, and got to have some fun shopping for a flat screen TV and stand.

I've done a good bit of yard work, now that I have the (borrowed) chainsaw running again. Cleared a fair amount of trees, cut 'em into chunks and hauled 'em out of the way.

I meant to go to the DC MS walk too on Sunday, but simply wasn't up to it (sorry grlsctgnbad and werewulf).

Last week, I found out I've lost my office at work, so I have to move everything out of it and deal with some ex cow orkers' things (a pinball machine and an equipment rack). Weather wasn't good on Friday, and fizzygeek had the day off, so I did more yard work and hung out with her. Weather wasn't good on Saturday either, so we did some more yard work (she got a good scare when I cut through a large heavy branch which gave way with a loud crunching snap). The rain picked up and the chainsaw quit, so I called it a day. Then she mentioned werewulf's comment on a post that she was lonely and wanted someone to watch movies with.

So I called up and sure enough, I was welcome to come over. So I gathered up a Weird Al laserdisc and DVD, and kdsorceress' birthday gift and headed on over. Watched fun silly stuff, and was treated again to scooterbird, along with efbq and their DD#2.

Today, I decided to cut up the rest of the branch I had cut down before going to haul more stuff out of my office at work. I went to drag away the reasonable sized stuff before cutting more, but this was on the other side of the copse, so I decided to haul stuff around the other way and dump it on an old pile of yard debris. On the third trip, I suddenly realized I had stirred up a nest of yellowjackets! I'm terrified of 'em, and went tearing across the yard, stripped off my shirt, and ran into the house. I quickly realized they'd followed me all that way, and frantically chased down the two I'd seen, and found three more. I zapped 'em with the electric flyswatter and ejected 'em onto the porch. I was stung in several places and was majorly unhappy about it. I went to the local drug store, but couldn't find any sting kits. The grocery store either, or the other grocery store.

So I drove out to Leesburg, where fizzygeek works, but I couldn't find her anywhere and was rather losing it. This was a little too close to the first time I was stung (and probably the origin of my phobia), when we were on a family trip, we'd just gotten to a hotel and I went for a swim while people got settled, but going up the ladder for the slide, I got stung, and ran to bang on the glass door of the hotel room, but no one was there (it turned out I had the wrong door, but by the time they found me, I was panicking).

I struck out across the parking lot to try the grocery store across the street, and she showed up. I was so addled by then I didn't even see her at first, but she blocked my path and honked. She took really good care of me, explained she was just going to be late getting back to work, got me sting goop, took me back home, hosed down the nest with poison (my abandoned glove was still the focus of an angry swarm), gave the shirt I had shucked onto the porch a good stomping, and made sure I was okay. She's good to me.

Then I get email informing me that my code needs a top priority tweak (we're demoing the system on Thursday), and another one from my boss telling me that I have to be out of my office by close of business tomorrow. It's pretty likely that if I spend Monday finishing my office move, we won't make the demo. Bleah.

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