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five years ago

I had just gotten up, and was putting together breakfast when the phone rang. It was fizzygeek. She asked "Are you going to work today?" I replied that yeah, I was planning to. She explained that it might not be a good idea, and to turn on the TV, any channel. I watched the carnage briefly and realized that this was a real emergency. An ARES/RACES emergency. So I explained that I had to go, hung up, fired up the ham radio, and found the emergency net. I signed on, gave my capabilities (VHF/UHF capable, HF licensed but no HF gear), and said I'd be ready to deploy in 45 minutes. I made a hurried breakfast, and loaded my go kit, batteries, cable, antennae, extra food and water into the car. I signed back on and said I was ready to deploy. I was sent to Red Cross headquarters, along with another ARES/RACES ham who had HF gear but no HF license.

We arrived to find there were antenna cables already coming out of the wall, part of an in-progress installation. As they were incomplete and we didn't know where they went, we ran our own cables and set up antennae on the roof and got radios working in the offices. Other members of our group were at Dulles airport and the Pentagon.

I was really glad I had something to do then, I think it helped me deal with everything that was going on better than the people who could only sit and watch it unfold.

73, KG4L


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