Spam (madbodger) wrote,

San Diego (again)

So here I am, back in San Diego. I went from 100 degree weather in Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada to near-freezing weather back in Virginia to the usual lovely temperate sea breeze in San Diego. While the sun hasn't been out much this week, it is still gorgeous weather.

I noticed, as quietann has pointed out, that there are a disproportionate number of (Hollywood style) "beautiful people" around (especially at Fashion Valley mall). This made me curious -- aren't there ordinary looking people around? Sure enough, there are, but with all the eye candy around, they're near-invisible. There was one older fellow with a humongous pure white handlebar mustache -- I think he just got tired of being invisible and went for flamboyance -- I don't blame him a bit!

I'll be heading back home tomorrow, but I'm out to Chicago late next week for the Pinball expo! I may even see tigresse again there!

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