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My week

fizzygeek and I found scallion pancakes in Leesburg1! They call 'em "scallion crepes", but it's the same thing, but no yummy dipping sauce (we approximated it with soy sauce and chili paste, but didn't have wine or vinegar available). That (and Pacific in Sterling) are the two places we've found so far nearby.

Wednesday, I went over to forexample's place and helped him do renovation stuff, along with ladi_lavinder, liritsvoice, and a few other helpful people. I also got to see another tenant scurry around as she moved out. There was free food1, which is always nice. I got to show off my sheet metal skills, making rodent shields for the pantry, which contained no right angles anywhere. I also whacked a bunch of limbs off a tree that was getting a little big for its britches. Then I came home and had (another) dinner1 with fizzygeek.

Thursday, fizzygeek, geekchick, nminusone, also_huey, and someone whose LJ I didn't catch went to see the premiere Snakes On A Plane with me! It was a blast, the crowd was totally into it, yelling lines, cheering, hissing, hooting, and generally having fun with it. We both wore SoaP tee shirts, and were faintly surprised there weren't more in evidence, but we did see a couple of cool homemade ones ("Snakes on a Plane on a Shirt" and "No liquids or gels, but copperheads are okay?"). I thought the theatre was still south of route 7, but we went to the new food court to eat (at Five Guys, yum!)1 and found the new theatre right there, which was handy.

Friday, my link to the customer's site went down, so I couldn't get any work done. So I emailed them to let them know their VPN had gone tango uniform and went to mow the lawn. This was interrupted by my own trees overgrowth, so I grabbed a pair of loppers and abbreviated a bunch of limbs. I decided that all that grunt work overhead was an adequate substitute for free weights that day. I talked with my boss later, and he said that if we couldn't get connectivity, I'd have to work on site from here on in, which basically involves taking the early bus from Purcellville to the pentagon, and then the rest of the way on Metro and on foot. That night, fizzygeek and I had dinner with not_the_pope and scruffycritter at Los Toltecos in Sterling1. Then we heard dcseain and papertigers might join us. As it happened, dcseain did join us, alas alone. He was somewhat delayed by the truly bizarre layout of the Countryside shopping center, but he found us. not_the_pope and scruffycritter had to go pill the cat, so the remaining three of us went to see Snakes On A Plane. The crowd wasn't as good this time, but we had a good time anyway. Again, fizzygeek wore a Snakes on a Plane shirt, and I wore an Arizona shirt with a rattlesnake on it.

Saturday, after getting a slow start and being monopolized by the cat I'm sitting for a while, I got in touch with muzikmaker21 and we went to ednoria and kugelblitz's pool party. I wore my last Snakes on a Plane shirt, and had fun discussing the artistic and humorous merits of the film with many of the partygoers2. I got a nice snippet of video of heptadecagram being his silly self, which I may well post if he and the other perpetrator don't mind. There was a wealth of food there, the grill was going, and key lime pie (with whipped cream at the ready)1! I got in a bunch of time in the pool, and had fun with a volleyball game. I didn't play very well, not being very athletic and somewhat blind. muzikmaker21 also played, but was also blind and far too strong for her own good. Both teams made a habit of stealing players from the other team, sometimes bodily. After the game, I got taunted by scooterbird and efbq's demon spawn.

Then it was time to hie off to werewulf's movie party. As she had taken orders for Thai take-out at the pool party, there was yummy food waiting for me1! Several of the same people were there, having also party hopped, and there were also additional bonus people2. I was again tormented by efbq and scooterbird's demon spawn. We stayed there until 'way too late, watching movies and a few eps of a wonderful British TV series called "Black Books". Then we hung around for another hour, catching up and swapping stories.

I finally got home as the sun was coming up Sunday morning, half an hour before fizzygeek had to leave for her first shift at work. I slept until about noon, when she got back, and we had breakfast together. Then I headed off to cat sit and let her nap until she had to go back to work. Then I swung by the offices where I work to see if I could connect to the customer's site from there. No joy, it was really looking like I'd have to get up way early on Monday, less than 24 hours after I'd gone to bed on Sunday. It took me a while to get there, because someone had apparently bounced their car, trailer, and boat off the guard rail, then thrown the boat and rolled the trailer, spilling debris all over the route 7 bypass in Leesburg. As fizzygeek should be getting up for her next shift by then, I called her to let her know not to go that way.

Then I headed off to lonebear and his wonderful bride's Sheva Brochos party, organized by leiacat and vvalkyri, and held at artistic_alex and tiguh_tiguh's lovely abode. I got there around the start time, but people were arriving, quickly building a good crowd2. We had fun discussing what would be a good LJ nick for lonebear's wife, and having excellent food1 and chatting and reading the blessings (in Hebrew and English). Then 'twas time to scamper back to Virginia again to have dinner with fizzygeek and get to bed early, as I might have to take the early bus to work on Monday. Somehow, I made it from the party (in Adelphia) to the Silver Diner (in Reston) in about the same time as it took fizzygeek to get there from Reston. We had a nice meal1, but when she tried to request a couple of songs on the jukebox, our table unit got confused and spent the rest of the meal clicking, whirring, and blinking unhappily.

As it happens, the customer finally got their VPN working again and I didn't have to take the bus. But there was, of course, another, bigger backup on route 7, so fizzygeek and I got time for a long chat while she was stuck in traffic and getting progressively later to work.

1 I've had a TONNE of really good food lately!
2 I'd list the ones I remembered and know the LJ nicks of, but this post is already littered with LJ tags.

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