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Grrr. Must ... crash ... ... servers

Popup ads were annoying, so people installed popup blockers. Then ad companies (apparently eager to target people who’d be annoyed) wrote code to work around popup blockers (garbage like “scr” + “ipt”). And the popup blockers got tweaked to parse these mutilated instructions too.

Now they have a new one. An ad shows up on a web page, covering text you (theoretically) want to read. There’s a handy “click here to close” button. But now, since you’ve clicked, they have an in so they can run a popunder.

So now I’m pissed off (yet again) at (who allows these ads) and (who hosts them). Time to break some laws by MASSIVE DISTRIBUTED DENIAL OF SERVICE ATTACKS and CRASHING SERVERS. If they’re running IIS, it will at least be trivial to crash them HARD. Server: Microsoft-IIS/6.0 Heh heh heh. Server: “webserver” Hmmm, wonder what they’re hiding...

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