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I went to vote in the Virginia senate primary today (I was the 59th voter in my precinct, at 4PM), and was presented with an unexpected choice. I could use the ordinary paper ballot (which is talled by a scanning machine like the ones used for standardized tests), or try the new all-electronic voting machine. Of course, I submitted a paper ballot, as I strongly prefer a paper trail for important things like elections.

I'll have to go find out if Virginia is considering downgrading from their tested, working system of paper ballots and electronic scanners to the sort of nonsense that made a mockery of the last Presidential election, and if so, start writing letters. The existing system is easy to use, and the scanner spits out your ballot if it can't read it, so you know immediately and can fix it if necessary. And the paper ballots are easily hand tallied if necessary. I simply don't care if the paper ballots cost more to use, I could probably fund the ballot supply for the entire county out of my own pocket if need be.

[edit: Apparently Virginia uses a complete mishmash of different voting machines, including the dreaded unreliable Diebold ones]

In other news, I got my annual car safety inspection today. It passed, even though the dome light needs a new bulb. The inspector left me a nice note saying my front brakes are somewhat worn, and I might want to consider getting them repaired at some point. I appreciate that sort of touch.

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