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I was reading the Unix-Haters Handbook and came to a little piece denigrating the old file utility. It invited the reader to go ahead and run it on a directory of miscellaneous files. I figured that it was an old article, perhaps file had improved over the years.

I ran it on my "stuff" directory, which can be counted upon to contain a wide variety of truly miscellaneous files. Sure enough, file hasn't improved in a useful sense.

2000-02-27.txt:                  ASCII news text, with CR line terminators
54 Fun Things To Do At Wal-Mart: HTML document text
586pin Folder:                   directory
930516-ear-wax:                  ASCII news text
:ANEKDOTY:humor5:newhumor.txt:   ISO-8859 English text, with CR line terminators
ARRL International DX Phone:     ASCII text, with CR line terminators
AUSSIE SLANG:                    Non-ISO extended-ASCII English text, with CR line terminators
AVS changes (March 2001):        ASCII English text, with CR line terminators
Atari by Yucef Merhi:            UTF-8 Unicode English text, with CR line terminators
AudioFormats.part1:              ASCII English text
Bookit Bookmarks 4:22:02:        data
British currency.txt:            news or mail text                    Zip archive data, at least v2.0 to extract
CDR Sony screws up I playstat:   exported SGML document text
JHResume1.rtf:                   Rich Text Format data, version 1, ANSI
JR.apf:                          ISO-8859 text, with very long lines, with CRLF, CR line terminators
LJ slut stats:                   ASCII English text, with very long lines, with CR line terminators
MIME file:                       smtp mail text
M_Re.pdf:                        PDF document, version 1.2
USBSerialConverter_04036001:     header for PowerPC PEF executable
WilmaGraph.dtd:                  XML document text
mulletized.swf:                  Macromedia Flash data, version 4
mult_hw.exe:                     MS-DOS executable (EXE), OS/2 or MS Windows
phonem:                          ASCII C program text
plan9fortunes.txt:               UTF-8 Unicode C program text, with CR line terminators, with escape sequences
property letter:                 PostScript document text

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