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I found a good deal on cheap Geissler and Plücker tubes on eBay, so I bought a handful of them, along with a couple of high voltage power supplies. They showed up today, but I didn't want to spend the time to clear out room in the lab, so I tried lighting them (and some random strobe tubes) up on the kitchen counter. Pretty!

Later, Andrea noticed that half the power in the kitchen was out. A little checking revealed it wasn't the breakers either. I surmised that the high voltage play had fried the GFI outlet, cutting off power to everything downstream from it. fizzygeek was pretty unhappy about it, as she needed to get to bed for not one but two tests tomorrow. I offered to change out the GFI outlet, but she pointed out it was nearly midnight and didn't want to deal. Then she decided she really wanted to know if that was indeed the cause, and how long would it take. I guessed about 20 minutes. Since the circuit was dead, I had her check with a voltage probe to be sure I shut off the correct breaker. Then I pulled a spare GFI outlet out of my spare parts collection and swapped it in. But the stove and microwave clocks didn't come back on. *grump* Then they did come on (apparently there's a bit of a delay between the power coming on and the displays lighting). So I buttoned everything back up.

When I rewire the house, I'm not going to daisy-chain outlets off of GFI outlets. I'm going to use individual GFI outlets for each one instead. It's more expensive that way, but then if one pops, all the other outlets on the circuit aren't dead. It's really annoying to have to go down to the basement to reset the GFI down there when you need power in the bathroom to run the shaver (and of course it always pops when someone's in a hurry).


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