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What was...

Nicked from happypete

... your first grade teacher's name?

Mrs. Cundiff

... your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?

Road Runner -- I love all the coyote's wacky inventions!

... the name of your very first best friend?

Paul Weikle

... your favorite breakfast cereal?

Froot Loops! Though I ate lots of Toast-Ems (later Pop Tarts) instead of cereal.

There was an ad once, hawking "healthy" cereal, that pointed out the sugar content of various popular cereals as if it was a bad thing: "This one, 49% sugar! This one, 61% sugar!" Of course, I took notes.

Later, I found a USDA listing of foods that cause blood sugar spiking -- about 8 of the top ten are things I try to have on hand.

... your favorite thing to do after school?

Besides run away? Solder stuff.


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