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Free tunes at Silver Diner!

I was having dinner with fizzygeek at the Silver Diner in Reston, and noticed a tune that she doesn’t like. I figured I’d pretend to punch it in and see what happened, but the first button I pushed stayed in, as if the jukebox was locking in a selection. Gack, I didn’t want to actually play it! So I tried to switch to a different button, but it was, in fact, locked in. So I start oh-so-casually flipping through the selections, looking for a safe one that used that letter. I found one, punched it in, and sure enough, the light dimmed and the buttons popped out. Looked like a real selection to me. So I let fizzygeek know that apparently we could get jukebox selections without paying for them! She punched in another half dozen or so, and start wondering if they were all set on free play or this unit was b0rked, or what. We asked the server, who was confused until we got across that no, we weren’t dissatisfied in any way, we enjoyed the free music and wondered if it was a feature. So he punched one in, and was surprised that it took it without needing any coinage. Later when he came back, we verified that the tracks we had requested had played, in the order we had requested them (with a few others interspersed). He punched in another freebie, as he’d told the cook about it and the cook had a request.

So if any of you care to eat at the Reston Silver Diner, try to get table #39 and hope they haven’t fixed the table jukebox unit yet.


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