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I was surfing the Comedy Central Motherload web site, looking for fun Drawn Together content, only to be greeted with: We're sorry, but MotherLoad will only play on PCs with Windows XP or 2000/SP4+. Click below to make sure you launch our standard media player for video (except MotherLoad exclusives).

Well, fie on that! I don't run joke operating systems just because I like comedy! Looks like it's somebody's idiotic idea of a copy protection system. Well, about a minute later, courtesy of some excellent software, I was sucking down their content, and transcoding it into a standard format, all with a couple of easy mouse clicks. Take that, silly people who believe WMV will protect you from eeeevil pirates! If you play nice, we'll play nice. If you try to shove brain-dead nonstandard formats down our throats and force us to use software that the liars in Redmond claim will protect you, we will crack your formats and we will strip your so-called "protection".

And watch full-screen, high-res movies of Jack Plotnick explaining how much FUN it is to play Xandir (and be his body model)!


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