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The Pogues!

It turns out fizzygeek's friend couldn't make it, so I got invited along
to see the Pogues with her! We even had paid parking at the nearby lot, so we
steeled ourselves and braved the clueless streets of DC.

It was a great show, lots of band and crowd energy, everybody was having a good time.
And, for the first show I've seen at the 9:30 club since they moved to their V street digs,
the sound mix didn't suck! It wasn't stellar, but it didn't suck!
It's been a
long time since I could really enjoy a show at the 9:30 club, so this was a real treat.
We had showed up a little before 10 because we feared the tobacco smoke, which turned out to
be a shame because the smoke wasn't too bad and the opening act was really good.

We kept an eye out for geekchick, who was theoretically there, but didn't
see her. Which is par for the course, I always seem to miss people I know when we're
at the same show.


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