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Since my boss was out sick on Friday, I elected to work from home. At 11:11AM, I get an email informing me that I’d better be at a meeting at 1000 hours. Hmm, missed that one by 71 minutes. A while later, I get a company-wide email announcing layoffs. That’s when I decided to respond to the first email and ask if I still have a job.

Yep, I still have a job. 23 other folks don’t any more.

Due to plans not working out, I had elected not to go to the Hot Foods party this year. However, some very worthwhile people were very encouraging, so I decided to see if I could swing last minute air fare. Sure enough, there were a few affordable flights left. So I go to purchase tickets and my credit card gets denied. I resubmit with another credit card, which goes through. So I call the first card’s issuing bank, get transferred to their fraud division, who explains that I’ve had some anomalous activity. One very large purchase with a shipping address different than mine, FOUR round trips to Boston in as many weeks, and 5 weird small charges from a web site. I explain the airline folding, two pleasure trips, a business trip in the middle of February, and we determine that Yahoo Travel bills their charge separately, as well as a zero charge at one point.

The outfit that sold me a laser power supply kit and tube didn’t ship the laser tube. Too bad, as I was hoping to assemble it at fortryll’s craft night. I emailed them to ask what was up, resulting in them faxing me a copy of my original order. I figured perhaps this was incidental to them shipping me my tube, but no tube. So I emailed them again, and got a very prompt response, followed quickly by a shipping notification. So I’m hoping I’ll have a laser tube for the next crafts night.

As of the last CD delivery, I now have 3 techno versions of O Fortuna.

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