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The last few days

The town informed me that I can't park my car in my back yard anymore, nor have an extra oil tank or satellite dish lying down. So I've started attacking the larger shed out back, with the intent of parking the car there. Actually, fizzygeek started the process a while back, I'm just picking it up from there. Did a mondo amount of haulage on Thursday (fizzygeek was impressed), and filled a large rolling trash can today.

As for the oil tank, I think I'll just stand it up next to the other oil tank, so it looks like it's in use. Similarly, I'll go ahead and mount the satellite dish (this is one of the old-style 3-metre C-band dishes, so I'll be needing a 12 foot long, 4 inch diameter schedule-40 pipe sunk into about 700 pounds of cement. If they don't like it, I'll paint it bright pink and add my callsign.

As it looks like I'll be pouring cement, I tracked down one of those Odjob cement mixing barrels and ordered it. These are a lovely invention. You pour in a sack of cement, fill the lid with water, pour in the water, put on the lid, and roll around for 30 seconds. Hey presto, properly mixed cement, ready to use! Cheap and effective, it won a few design awards. Oddly, the best price and cheapest shipping were from an eBay vendor.

Got reports at work that some data conversion software I wrote a few months ago was producing weird results. Turned out I had correctly anticipated this possibility, and included a command-line option to deal with it, and told them about it. When I reminded them, they were well pleased, and now it's doing exactly what they want.

We went shopping with our friend Beth from the west coast, and found some really affordable genuine Metro wire shelves at Container Store. These are 24" wide, perfect to replace the wood stereo shelves that were starting to lean alarmingly, especially when the cat scaled them. Got the 84" high verticals, and 10 shelves. Went together nicely, and look great. Also, fizzygeek found some miniature wire shelving for $9 that does a bang-up job keeping our spices neat on the kitchen counter.

Got permission from the artist to use my Sprocket icon (the one on this posting)! Quote "Fun icons! You now officially have my blessing."

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