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Packaging grumbles

fizzygeek bought me a package of fancy organic all-natural allergen-free cookies from the local natural foods grocery. Normally such things are packaged in an earth-friendly, low-waste sort of way.

Not these cookies!

The large box was nearly half empty. The remaining part was filled with a plastic tray, wrapped in cellophane. And this tray wasn't full either! While I'm used to mass market merchandise misrepresenting its contents, this is not a winning move for niche market products. They need to have repeat buyers to stay afloat, and I don't appreciate this sort of misleading waste. On the upside, they are very good cookies.

Granted, buyers might notice the lack of heft, or the clue in the "nutritional info" box (serving size: 2; servings per container: 6), but it's still grating.

Rant 2 is one everyone's heard before. I hate the sticky strips on the top of CD cases. They're inconvenient, hard to remove, and tend to leave sticky goo behind. However, some are better than others. Disney's are among the worst. Very tough adhesive, and plastic that tears into tiny bits. American Gramophone's are the least bother. They have a pull tab without adhesive, and the label usually pulls off neatly in one piece (once you've got the hang of it). I'm aware of the various dubious explanations put forth for this waste of money and effort, but if they have to do it, at least they could do it right. It's a solved problem, guys.

Also, a pull string to get the cellophane off the case in the first place is appreciated. Especially if it's an easy to see colour (I've picked open some the hard way, only to realize later that they had a clear pull string I didn't notice).


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