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Consumer sent me a big, bulky, unwieldy ad trying to get me to (re)subscribe. The teaser was a list of products, and their “surprising” recommendations.

The first one pits a BMW 530i against an Infiniti M35. Come ON, guys! Let’s see which they picked. They picked the DATSUN???? I’ve SEEN this car. It’s a flimsy, shoddily put together joke! When I was helping amyntas car shop, and mentioned to one salesperson that CR had bought by the Japanese carmakers, he looked pained and agreed. And now we have proof. There are some Japanese carmakers that can build $50,000 luxury automobiles. Datsun ain’t one of them. Next!

Now they line up a Whirlpool Duet washing machine with a Miele. Maybe there will be some sense there, as the Duet is famous for problems with its silly rubber boot seal (tearing clothes, mildew, leaking). Nope, CR gives the wretched Duet its top rating! I’ve seen the Miele. It’s a gorgeous machine. Same solid seal that the Wasco machines (the kind in laundromats) and Asko use. Stainless steel drum built to last a lifetime. 2 strikes. Next!

The next event is a Yard-Man 11A-435D lawnmower, vs the Snapper MR216517B. Okay, Yard-Man is a marque of MTD, which is Electrolux’s low-end line. The good folks at Small Tractor FAQ refer to these as “light duty models, not meant for heavy duty or long lasting value.” Consumer Search points out that these models have a high repair rate, and many customer complaints. This is basically the Wal*Mart tractor. Cheap, just buy a new one every year. Snapper is a different animal. These are solid, well-made units designed to last a lifetime. Basically the opposite of Wal*Mart. What does CR say? They went with the Yard-Man. 3 strikes, yer out!

They included a piece of paper designed to be read by people planning to refuse their offer. It states that they really want me to give ‘em a try, because once people see their rag, they stay with it. Guess what, I used to subscribe. Dropped it years ago. Nope, seen their rag, didn’t stay with it. Next!


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