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off we go

We got our stuff together and made it to the airport in time, so now fizzygeek and I have some time to kill before our flight to Vegas. Happily, I have managed to bash together a lashup that lets me use my cellphone to provide internet connectivity to my laptop via GPRS/EDGE. It's not a supported configuration, but it works fine. All I had to do was get a USB-phone cable from, grab a driver for MacOS X that talks to that chipset, configure the phone (T-Mobile's website has a dandy function that sends the phone config to the phone for you, so that was easy), and talk the computer into accepting this as a network port (one of the modem scripts that came with the OS is for a modem so simple and dumb that it works with everything, including this). And hey presto, internet!

(waves in the general direction of the A/B terminals, in case fortryll is there waiting for the Boston flight).

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