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Re-enacted an experience dglenn and I had longer ago than I'll admit — saw a group of attractive young women signing at each other, and wishing I knew more sign. They were going really fast, and being idiomatic on top of it. At one point, I did see the secret ninja hand signal for "vomiting through my eyes", which amused me.

When I was up in PA for the funeral, I had to run a quick errand before the service began, only to find out I needed to stop for fuel. I found a station, and pinged the pump with my Speedpass. Only to be summoned inside. It turns out the credit card it was linked to had expired, but the computer hadn't realized that until I had pumped a whole one cent's worth of fuel. So I had to go inside, pay for that, then pay for how much fuel I was gonna need (what, can't make change?), then come back inside for a receipt. Unsurprisingly, I opted to skip the receipt.

I went out shopping for some Avery 2163 laser labels, but nobody carries 'em any more. These are neat, four mailing labels on a half-sheet. And with printers that can feed small stock, you can tear them in half (they're perforated there), and only print two labels at a time. Since I normally print address and return labels, this means I'm not wasting any labels or running 'em through the printer twice (both Avery and the printer people warn against this, but I used to do it anyway). So I ordered 'em from Staples online, and got free shipping (they packed 'em in a giant 12x10x4 box for some reason tho). Then I wanted a USB IrDA interface. Nobody has those either. Order online. Radar book? Online. Camera? Tractor blades? Wire? Laundry detergent? Online.

I think I've discovered that I like just sitting at the computer. I don't have to drive anywhere. I don't have to deal with people. I don't have to dress. I can work from here, getting money I can spend from here. Granted, I do still go shopping and even enjoy it, but I'm noticing more and more of the products on the shelves are cheap generic stuff. The stores aren't making room for the good stuff, then the makers won't sell much, and they'll discontinue it. So I'll keep ordering my precious special labels and wire and hoping more of my preferred products don't go away forever.


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