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last week

Monday was Hallowe'en, and since I didn't have time to do my Flying Spaghetti Monster costume, I recycled my Jayne outfit. Only a few people at work bothered to show up in costume (lamers), and almost nobody recognized mine. Yet again, I seem to have gone with a non-mainstream theme — I suppose the FSM getup would have buffaloed them too. Then I attempted to hurry home so I could give out candy, but traffic was just wretched. As there was a 2-mile backup to get off the toll road westbound, I took the east exit and figured I'd just loop through Leesburg. No dice, King street was closed for a parade and the whole town was gridlocked. I finally made my way home, and handed out candy to maybe a couple of dozen kids. One of the parents bemoaned my anemic display (a few lights), and wondered where the big fog machine and lasers had gone (still in the attic).

Tuesday I went to work to meet the customer's new project lead and give my presentation on the part he isn't involved with while fizzygeek packed for the trip. I bowed out of the meeting early, dropped by the house we were housesitting, and headed home. We packed up the car and headed north. The nav computer found us a cute diner (Lincoln Diner) where we had a passable dinner. The journey took somewhat longer than we had anticipated, and we were about ready to hit the hay when we arrived. The room reeked of "air freshening" spray, which was beating up my lungs pretty bad. My supervisor wanted me to check my email in case there were any pressing issues that came up at the meeting after I left. No dice. The hotel sign said "T-Mobile hot spot", but it just wasn't working. I'd get full signal, none, half signal, none, lather, rinse, repeat. A little investigation showed I was pingponging between two access points. I jotted down the MAC addresses (tricky, as they'd flicker in and out in less than a second), and called tech support. Tech support was very good, but unable to fix the problem. So we went to bed. Whereupon I realized the bedclothes stank of stale tobacco smoke.

We went to the viewing and funeral on Wednesday. There was a good turnout of friends and relatives, and even the local fire company had donated flowers. The music was a tape loop, however, with apparently only three tracks (two versions of Ave Maria and one of How Great Thou Art). At the lunch afterward, I made a long arm to grab a water pitcher, apologizing "excuse my boarding-house reach", and fizzygeek's grandpa wanted to know which boarding house.

On Thursday, we had to hurry back home because fizzygeek had to work that evening (bleh). We did make time to stop at a bookstore (scored 3 Charles Addams books) and a garden center (got a silly gift for chelona). I made pretty good time down the road, but was getting tired (the tobacco scented room had robbed me of serious shuteye), and finally had fizzygeek drive for a while. She said she probably wouldn't be going as fast as I was, but a few miles down the road, she realized she was tearing down the road at about the same speed, and realized some of the appeal of my tight handling, smooth, powerful car. We got home safe and sound, and fizzygeek had to stagger off to work.


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