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Yeah, I'm recapping the past few days out of order, deal.

On Thursday, I went to a much-delayed dinner with red_lynx. We'd been planning on this for months, but the usual stuff intervened, and it took until then. I got out of work late, then hit traffic, followed by more traffic. Metro was slow too. Finally I arrived, and she picked me up at the train station and we went for yummy Thai food. We had a nice leisurely dinner filled with conversation that wandered all over the map. It was really nice to catch up on things. We had been randomly discussing shelving options to make the best use of her tiny basement sewing room, complete with drawings. As the restaurant was closing up, she phoned agentxs to see if he'd mind if I dropped by to look at the room. It was fine with him, so we headed there. Sure enough, the room isn't very big, and is impacted with a rounded corner, washer, dryer, sink, and part of a stairway. But we came up with several useful ideas, and think it can be made into a cozy and useful space without too much time, effort, or expense.

agentxs gave me a ride to a Metro station with more frequent service (useful, as the system was about to turn into a pumpkin). On the way fizzygeek phoned to find out when I'd be home, and I let her know I was on the way to the train. When I got into the station, I noticed a disreputable-looking person smoking furtively between the light posts. I hurried past, but couldn't escape the smell, so I came back to inform him that smoking was not allowed anywhere within the Metro system. He'd gone back to the end of the platform under the escalator and was peeing on the floor. I ignored that (although I was tempted to worry him by making some crack about his penis) and informed him in a command voice that smoking was not allowed on the Metro system. He followed me back to the bench and insincerely thanked me for the information, and then tried to intimidate me. He asked me what I did for a living, and while I was again tempted to use my stock reply ("stuntperson", much more random and plausible than "karate instructor", and still someone you don't want to mess with), but he just wasn't worth the effort. He had maybe 50 pounds on me, but I utterly refuse to be intimidated by louts who pee in public facilities.

I changed trains, heading back to where I had parked my car, and when I got aboveground again, the phone rang. 'Twas fizzygeek, wondering where I was. I explained I was still on the train. She seemed pretty unhappy with that, and pointedly asked why I was still on the train, as it had been 90 minutes. This rather surprised me, but time always surprises me. She could have told me it was 10 minutes, or 4 hours, and I wouldn't have known the difference. But apparently, this was far too long in her estimation. For some reason, I really took it personally, like she was accusing me of something. And I always get riled when time tricks me (it always does, but it still grates). So I stewed and fumed all the way home, awaiting a royal grilling when I finally arrived. Having been in this mood before, I knew that if we got in to it, it would be a really ugly scene, and I really didn't want to deal with it, so I resolved to head it off at the pass if things looked like they were going to blow up. I didn't want to block her car in, so I just parked in the street. Since I was in a foul mood, I didn't aim much, just heeled it into the ditch and stomped in.

Of course, fizzygeek was pleasant and cheerful and I was horrible to her. I went upstairs, partially because I really had to visit the WC, and she made random querulous noises up the stairs. I didn't want to have a long-distance conversation, so I ignored her. She didn't like this and came stomping up the stairs to ask if I was mad at her. "A little", I admitted. She wanted to know, right then, what horrible thing she had done. I figured that was best left unexamined at the moment, and said so. Then I climbed into bed as I simply didn't have any cope left.

Unsurprisingly, she wasn't satisfied with this, announced she had to go out because she couldn't stay in right then. She drove off, and the cat came to see what was wrong. I ignored her too. Soon, fizzygeek came back, and asked me what on earth I was on about. I explained it, and apologized, and she explained that she had just been worried or curious and not disbelieving or accusatory. Being the smart person that she is, she just left it at that and we called it a night.


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