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I too went on a Serenity outing. In my case, I went with the NoVa Firefly Meetup with emeraldliz. As she was the only person in the group I knew, I hung around outside the theater looking for her. I got a call from a cow orker who'd been a definate maybe on this outing, wondering where I was. I told her I was leaning on a pole out front, and she and her SO came over for a nice chat. They'd blown off work and seen an earlier show, apparently. They told me they'd seen a largish group in costume upstairs, so I figured the group had assembled early and gone on up. I was in costume too — as the only regular character with facial hair (other than Book, whom I don't resemble at all) is Jayne, I went as him. I trimmed my beard short, and shaped it to match his usual configuration. I rounded up appropriate clothing, including a knit cap with ear flaps (complete with bits of straw), big stompy shoes, and a leather wristband I made out of an old belt.

After going upstairs and still not finding emeraldliz, I tried calling her. Turns out she'd been multiply delayed in transit, and was out front somewhere, trying to find the theater. As I'd already gone in and used my ticket, I couldn't really come back out to help guide her, but I did leave the theater so my phone convo wouldn't bother people. Unfortunately, this caused the connection to drop out. I hung out by the ticket taker for a while, but eventually went back into the theater before all the decent seats were taken. I had a great time at the film (extra fun with the good audience), then scooted out early to try to nab her on the way out. Somehow I missed her totally, so I tried calling my cow orker to see if she still wanted to get together. No answer. So I figured I'd hie over to California Tortilla where the group was gathering and have one last look for her before I got back on Metro and headed home. Sure enough, there she was! So I got to have a nice dinner with the group, participate in the costume and trivia contests (didn't win either, still fun), and be in lots of peoples' photographs (I hope I get copies of some of them). A fun night.


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