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I'm up in Pennsylvania this weekend with fizzygeek, hanging out with her parents who are out from Arizona. We went to the Green Dragon flea market yesterday and had a lot of fun poking around at an astonishing variety of things for sale.

Her parents had brought us a really neat gift – a talavera manatee! I've seen a lot of these brightly coloured ceramic pieces with more traditional southwest themes, but never a manatee. It's absolutely adorable. No pix yet, as I didn't bring the camera interface with me.

And a cute incident at a mall nearby. A group of junior high school aged mall goths were sort-of dancing, and a couple of (cute, in the way-too-young-for-me sense) of the girls were swinging each other around. One was saying she was gonna lose her balance, so I made as if to catch her if necessary. She saw this and ran over to me yelling "hug time!" Then her friend came over and hugged me for good measure. Then they got all embarrassed and explained how this was okay with their boyfriends, and hoped fizzygeek didn't mind. She didn't, of course. She looked more bemused than anything else.

We went to New Hope today and had a good time doing more shopping and people watching, and found an old picture of ourselves on the "wall of flame" at Suzie Hot Sauce. Naturally, we bought more hot sauce.


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