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interests meme

LJ Interests meme results

  1. brutal honesty:
    I have no patience with mind games or beating around the bush. If I wanna say something, I generally come right out and say it. People may be offended, but no-one has to guess how I feel. Similarly, I prefer for people to do the same for me; I’m no good at guessing.
  2. diaboly:
    I wanted a noun form of “diabolical”, and the existing term “diabolicalness” seemed awkward, so I coined this term.
  3. geeks:
    I’m a geek. I like geeks.
  4. hugs:
    Hugging and friendly physical contact are important. More important than many people seem to realize.
  5. lips:
    Lips are a prominent facial feature, capable of a wide range expressions, even when being used in speech. And they’re important for kissing, and I really enjoy that bit.
  6. nakedness:
    I like nakedness and touch. Sexual or not, it’s a pleasant thing. Goes well with hugging.
  7. pinball:
    I really enjoy these old amusement devices. No arbitrary game physics to deal with, it boils down to real physics, which is quite refreshing and fun. I do own a couple of pinballs myself, and attend pinball conventions occasionally.
  8. romance:
    I quite enjoy old fashioned romance. Cards, flowers, little gifts, flirting, the whole kit and kaboodle. I’m a sucker for chick flicks too, though “romance novels” generally don’t do it for me.
  9. skinny dipping:
    Goes with nakedness, with the added wonderful dimension of swimming! I subscribe to the theory that humans were aquatic for a while, and the entire human race went skinny dipping for several thousand years. Good clean fun.
  10. ultraviolet photography:
    This occurred after I got interested in infrared photography, and wanted to try the other direction. Turns out it’s a lot trickier and not nearly as many people bother. But there’s some cool stuff out there, and I’ve even built my own UV lense.

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