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Saturday was schedule to be quite a full day, with five different things to do. However, fizzygeek and I slept through the radio club meeting, and simply didn't have time for visiting forexample. So here's what we did do.

When we finally did wake up, we headed up to Baltimore for the comic convention. It was pretty fun, and I got to add the wonderful phrase "used with permission" to two more LJ icons (I'll just say the Penny Arcade authors are most excellent guys). We didn't get a clean con poster, because I didn't want to carry one around everywhere, and they were all gone (on the first day of a 2-day event) by the time we got out.

Then we headed up to ladi_lavinder's to visit her and garnet_rattler and help socialize feral kittens. Just as we drove up, the phone rang. Turned out to be the people who were going to go to the comic con with us, they had just arrived. Oops. We did have a good time visiting and playing with kittens.

Then we headed out to Frederick to try a new Ethiopian joint. Much yummy food, and some spicy awaze sauce for when we wanted an extra kick. Quite yummy. But parking in that part of Frederick was obnoxious.

The next thing was voltbang and chelona's Taiko/DDR party. fizzygeek was dithering on whether she was feeling up to more social activity as we looped by home on the way there. Finally she decided she did want to go. On the way there, she was wondering if she'd know many of the people there. I suggested that maybe nosebeepbear would actually show up (a wonderful but unlikely possibility), and we agreed that would be lovely. In fact, nosebeepbear was there, and glad to see us too! There was a good crowd, including baronmind and ddr_ho, whom I don't get to see often enough. We skipped DDR, as we're klutzes and thought it would be gauche to pitch forward into the TV rack, but we did get plenty of rounds of Taiko in. I remember scruffycritter handily beating me a couple of times — it's humbling to get beat at a sound-based game by a deaf guy, let me tell you!

As we were getting ready to head out (as fizzygeek had to work the next day), badmagic and vvalkyri showed up! I suddenly found myself with not one but two bikinis in my lap (followed eventually by vvalkyri herself), and talk turned to hot tubbing. So it was with a heavy heart that I did the right thing and reluctantly headed home.

On Sunday, I had just gotten out of bed (fizzygeek was already at work) and was poking at the computer when the phone rang. It was ladi_lavinder, who had finished at the feral cat clinic and reminded me that I'd mentioned possibly having lunch with her (I had also discussed possible hanging out with emeraldliz, hence the vagueness on my part). So I bathed and dressed while she headed out, and we had some fun toy and kitchen tool shopping at the outlet mall (just missed lunch with fizzygeek, who works nearby) and had a yummy lunch at Tijuana Flats. I chatted with emeraldliz later, and discovered she'd also had a lazy day, so I didn't feel so bad about my own lack of energy.

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