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Work sitch

My contract with the horrible commute was supposed to end yesterday, at the end of August. But it turns out my company had neglected to inform the customer of this, so they decided to give 'em a couple more weeks as a good faith gesture or some such. They also informed me that to make a good impression, I should be out there 5 days a week instead of 3. So I'll be working in Maryland all next week. People out there are welcome to ask me to dinner or offer crash space, but I may not be in the best mood. My mood should improve markedly in time for voltbang's party, tho. I did mention to my boss that I was tempted to punt entirely and go help with the hurricane effort (ARRL is asking for radio communication volunteers).

Since they were going to make the announcement today, I was requested to show up earlier than usual, so left the house before I got maugorn's Odd Friday announcement, so I didn't find out in time to go.


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