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Apparently a long time ago I had expressed enthusiasm for the oddball noodles available on the west coast. So merde sent me an assortment of them! I tried the "satay flavored" ones the other day. These are fun! The package proudly proclaims "contains 5 seasoning sachets", and sure enough it does. Ordinary ramen type noodles with a flavor packet give you a little opportunity to play with your food. The Simply Asia noodle dishes generally come with oil and flakes or powder to play with. But these puppies come with all kinds of stuff, including fried onion garnish to put on top! They're marked in a couple of different languages, and the "sweet" soy sauce is also marked "kecap", harking back to the original "ke tsiap" sort of term from which we get the word "ketchup".

package with flavoring packets

I also tried some spicy ones last night (these came with hot oil and spicy flavor powder). These guys aren't kidding, with just 1/3 of the powder, they were about as hot as I could stand! Wow.

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