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The rest of the NC trip

On Wednesday, we got a classroom with only one network jack. Worse, IBM security had configured it to shut down if a hub, router, or switch got plugged in to it. Made working on the simulator a little tricky. If the guys at work kick when I submit hotel internet access on my expense report, I'll explain that it was necessary to do the class exercises.

That night, I went to visit marq and Meridan. Got to see the cats and dogs again, and meet more dogs, a bird, and some rats too. Also got to admire eridan's cloth dyeing work. Then golemkennels showed up, and we all went out to have yummy Indian food (ironically, less than a mile from my hotel). Oddly, the music was an assortment of Western TV show theme songs, some of which kept us guessing.

Thursday night, dmk and whc decided to have a foo, so anyone else in the RDU area who wanted to see me would have the opportunity. As it happened, no one else showed up, but the three of us had a good time eating Ethiopian food and swapping stories. Then we went back to their place and steeped in the hot tub for a while.

On Friday, class was rather short, as that classroom had a dead hub, so yet again, we couldn't get access to the simulator. I considered taking advantage of the extra time by hanging out more with dmk and whc, but I had talked to the car repair place that morning, only to find out they'd ignored my wishes to go ahead and do the repair work and were waiting for me to approve the charges. So I decided things like this were best dealt with in person (besides which, it was going to be tough to pick up my car otherwise). So I went to the airport, returned the rental car, and proceeded to the ticket desk. I knew Independence Air has an explicit policy to let people take earlier flights if seats are available. A flight was leaving in about 20 minutes, but they and I figured I wouldn't make it to the gate in time, so I opted for the 2:00 flight.

I got to the gate just as they were finishing boarding for the earlier flight, so I just stayed out of the way in order not to bollix things up. Then I curled up with a book to wait for the next one. I watched a bunch of birds come zooming down the terminal and land nearby, but didn't manage to get a good picture of 'em. Then I noticed a card under my chair with a fancy 2D barcode on it. Curious, I picked it up for a closer look. Turns out NC uses these on the back of their licenses. I was pretty sure the owner would want it back, so I went over toward the gate attendant to see how to get it to the right place. A couple of security types were striding by fairly fast, and we caught each others' eyes. They hooked around, asking "has anyone found an ID?" I gave it to them, and showed 'em where I'd found it, as it had been reported lost, along with some other things (which weren't there).

When I got back to IAD, I called the auto repair place to see what the status was. They'd tried to fix it quickly, but the parts depot had sent them a busted part in a new-part box, and there wasn't time to get another one, so they put the car back together for me unrepaired. I took a cab out to pick it up so I'd have a car for liritsvoice's going-away party and the weekend. Except for the car repair and network annoyance, a good trip, and someone else gets to pay for it!


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